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Mollylaurel 10 days ago

1/2 Chicken

My husband and I love the Chicken Koop! We live in LA but will drive to Whittier because I adore the chicken with garlic sauce and the brussel sprouts. I can't get enough! We love the corn and plantains. My husband loves the poutine and the chicken sandwich.

Christinatran7 14 days ago

1/2 Roasted Chicken Plate

My bf and I go to Chicken Koop all the time! The food is excellent and the drinks are phenomenal! We often order the 1/2 chicken with brussel sprouts, fries, and/or Mac n cheese for the sides. The sauces are also really great and compliment the chicken. We like the green sauce, Chipotle, and garlic spread the most. We've also tried their loaded nachos, which are unique and tasty! Instead of chips, they use fried wontons. They are delicate and crispy. As for the drinks, we honestly love them all! I've never had a bad drink at the Chicken Koop. The bartender is always friendly and helpful. We always sit at the bar! We love the Koop and all that it has to offer! Great place to watch sports, eat delicious food, drink lovely libations, and enjoy good company!

Saucedo 15 days ago

Chicken Tinga Empanadas

The best empanadas, authentically delicious! Needles to say the green dipping sauce, to die for! Great food, amazing service!

Cfalma65 18 days ago

1/4 White Chicken

I really enjoyed the chicken and would order again

D 22 days ago

1/2 Chicken

Was nice and tender

Kimber 24 days ago

Chicken Pozole

Made the "mistake" of asking my husband if TCK's Pozole was better than mine. He's nothing, if not brutally honest. There was no, "They're BOTH good in their own way..." tiptoeing around my feelings. He simply nodded while shoveling the next bite into his ungrateful gob. I glared at him, saying, "I hope it's worth me NEVER slaving over a hot stove to make that for you again!" He nodded, smiled and offered me a bite. It WAS even better than mine. Delicious, and a generous serving of chicken. I can't compete. And I don't even want to. You win, my new Pozole recipe is take out.

Beatbox926 25 days ago

Chicken Wrap

Great food for a reasonable price! My lunch time gets pretty busy, so I love to pre-order and pick up during my break.

R 28 days ago

Fried Chicken Sandwich | or Spicy

Chicken sandwich war? No war when you never had competition! The Chicken Koop has, HANDS DOWN, the best chicken sandwich, everrrrr! Don't believe me? I dare you to try it. You're welcome!

Tc 29 days ago

Fried Chicken & Waffle

Came here for the 1st time on Sunday. My party ordered the Esquite, Empanadas, Half chicken with mac n cheese & white rice, chicken and waffle, the Koop crispy salad, and the nachos. Everything was delicious. Everyone was happy with their meal especially the chicken and waffles. Those waffles were mighty tasty, i hate to say but I think they are even better than Roscoe's (Gasp!) We loved the vibe and the old school music, the bar was full and the people there seemed to be having a nice time watching the football game. The restaurant had plenty of seating and the waiters were so very nice. We will definitely return.

Sobuzy about 1 month ago

Fried Chicken & Waffle

Amazing!!!! I love chicken and waffles and try them whenever they are available. But the chicken here was the best I've ever had!!! And the waffle!!! My husband is not a fan so I never have to share... until he tasted it when I lit up over it. It won him over then he ordered 1 more!!!! Then he didn't eat the rest of the day because he was stuffed ( they are huge). Thank you Chicken Koop, I no longer have to wait in line at that other place. Yum yum

Elaine 11 days ago

Fried Chicken Sandwich | or Spicy

This was hands down the best fried chicken sandwich ive ever had and the garlic fries too. Im in looove!

Vrossiod 14 days ago

1/2 Chicken

Best chicken with accompanied dipping sauces around! Have been wanting to try out this place for a while now and finally was able to make it out to their Alhambra location with the hubby and kiddos. We started off with some items to share. We had the won ton loaded chicken nachos and chicken tinga empanadas. The nachos were huge! Topped with shredded chicken, cheese, corn, beans, sour cream and more! Definitely a must share! The empanadas were also amazing-baked to perfection and served with their famous green sauce! The kiddos shared their 1/2 chicken served with two sides- Mac-n-cheese and Brussels sprouts which were both great! The waiter recommended the green sauce and the sweet Thai chili. Their chicken is super juicy and flavorful. Everyone loved it! New fam favorite :)

Dianacabral35 16 days ago

Fried Chicken Sandwich | or Spicy

I don't usually write reviews unless the place is absolutely AMAZING, so here I am writing about my favorite restaurant the Chicken Koop. I have tried many of their menu items and I have so many favorites I have a hard time choosing what to order. I usually order the Other Chick fried chicken sandwich with garlic fries. I don't know what kind of sauce they use but I can probably drink a gallon of it if they let me. You HAVE to order the esquite! It is hands down the BEST esquite I have ever had! It's not just your basic boiled corn with mayo and cheese, they use roasted corn and add chopped peppers and melt the cheese in with the corn. I have literally gotten just an esquite delivered to my house as a snack. On top of the food being amazing the staff is always so friendly! I have been there many times and have never had a bad experience, their customer service is great! If I had to choose one restaurant to eat at for the rest of my life I'd choose the Chicken Koop, no question...I'm hungry now bye.

Ogtorres92 22 days ago

Fried Chicken Sandwich | or Spicy

Came in this weekend, 9/28/19, to celebrate a friends birthday and decided to order the spicy fried chicken sandwich. Being a fan of anything spicy, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this sandwich. I enjoyed every bite of it and not to mention it came with an amazing side of garlic fries. This combination was completed with a michelada which just so happened to be one of the best I've ever had. Will definitely be coming back in for more!

Reesaleviste17 23 days ago

Fried Chicken Sandwich | or Spicy

This fried chicken sandwhich is the best fried chicken sandwhich I've ever had and honestly my absolute favorite place and thing to eat ever! So juicy, flavorful, crunchy and overall satisfying!

Ckaspardlov 25 days ago

The Belly Buster Sandwich

OMG- this sandwich is delicious!

Ivcruz24 26 days ago

1/4 White Chicken

Absolutely delicious, juicy, cooked to perfection, mouth-watering dish! I loved every minute of my experience. Highly recommend and it'll always be my favorite go-to lunch spot!

Kjodie21 28 days ago

Roasted Chicken

I've gone more than one occasion and have had your amazing chicken with rice, beans, and plantains, tinga empanadas, your fried oreos. But what got me was tour arroz con leche because it tastes just like my moms! I was super pregnant and oh my I was in heaven and even went another day just to get it to go. Your food is amazing and thank you for taking me back with your arroz con leche.

Desireeabundis about 1 month ago

Fried Chicken & Waffle

I love this place! It was my first time and instantly fell in love with the vibe. Seeing the specials in the entry way a brilliant idea. The music really set the tone as I entered. Adolfo, the bartender was informative and SO nice! He was really funny and personable. I will return and tell everyone I know about it. Awesome restaurant!!

Rakj223 about 1 month ago

Chicken Pozole

I've gone to a million places and never found pozole that I enjoyed other than my grandpas. The Chicken Koop has amazing chicken pozole!!! The flavor is incredible and they keep me coming back for more!


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